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Which Products did Schools Try in 2018?

by Eric Chambers

Now that the 2018 GMAC Americas Meetups have wrapped up, we thought you might like to see the results of one of the pre-Meetup survey questions, which focused on trying something new.

Americas Insights - Best app downloaded in 2017

"Has your institution adopted new products or partnered with new vendors to support goals around recruitment and the admissions process? If so, which ones?"

It should come as no surprise that the top three responses focus on the hunt for a perfect CRM system.   

  1. TargetX – A comprehensive CRM specifically designed for higher education professionals.
    “We’re big fans of TargetX since they helped us measure our efforts in a more efficient way which made us much more productive.” – Dallas Meetup attendee

  2. Slate – a comprehensive CRM which allows you to review and manage all interactions, communications, applications, test scores, relationships, and materials, all in one comprehensive area.
    “Love how easy Slate is to use after getting it up and running…we have everything we need…it’s a one-stop shop.”  – Chicago Meetup attendee

  3. Tie: Salesforce – a comprehensive CRM which helps track student activities and admissions from anywhere.
    “Our University technology group made the decision to go forward with a university-wide system and they chose Salesforce, but so far, so good.” - DC Meetup Attendee

We hope this list helps as you investigate potential new products that can help your school achieve its recruitment goals. Of course, we are here to help, too—just visit or reach out to your GMAC representative to learn more.  Hope to see you at an Americas Meetup next year.   

--The Americas Team


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