Year-End GMAT Management Reports Are Now Available

GMAC Management Reports help you better understand who sends scores to your program, where else they send scores (your competition) and how score sending has changed over time.

GMAC publishes three types of management reports that offer unique benefits to staff in marketing, admissions and program direction: the Frequency Ranking report, Summary Statistics Report and the Quarterly Roster report. These reports provide you with important score sending trends to inform business strategy.

Identifying Your Competition 
Frequency Ranking Report
This report allows you to see which other programs your candidates consider.

  • What information does this report contain? 
    • The top 15 programs to which candidates who sent GMAT scores to your program also sent their information.
    • Information about where your program overlaps with competitors.
    • The number of scores sent only to your program. 

Spotting Patterns and Trends
Summary Statistics Report
This report provides in-depth information about the candidates who send their scores to you.

  • What information does this report contain? 
    • Compares data on all GMAT test takers with candidates who sent their scores to your program across various demographics.
    • Percentage of female and male test takers
    • Ethnicity
    • Data by country
    • GMAT score range

Knowing Your Candidates
Quarterly Roster Reports
This report provides an overview of the candidate pool for the prior quarter

  • What information does this report contain? 
    • Provides a listing of all candidates who sent their scores to your program for the given quarter.   

Accessing These Reports

  • If you receive electronic GMAT scores it will be available on the GMAT Score Reporting website under the "Management Reports" menu. You can also contact your GMAT Score Reporting website “site administrator” to receive access.  
  • If you need to find out who your GMAT Score Reporting website administrator is (or would like someone to walk you through the reports), please contact  the respective GMAC account representative (see list on right)
  • For those that receive mailed scores, this report will be mailed to the same contact/address where scores are sent.