In the Spotlight: Part-Time Programs

Part-Time Masters Webinar

According to admission professionals, marketing, outreach, and advertising to prospects were the reasons some part-time MBA programs attracted a greater number of applications for their incoming class. Market intelligence reveals that job seekers among part-time MBA grads from the class of 2012 who had a job offer at the time of our survey expected a 53 percent gain in their pre-degree salaries, which is up six points compared with job seekers the year before.

This webcast focuses on prospective student demand for part-time programs, including trends in the age and background of prospects, as well as career paths of graduates and alumni, and ways to engage working professionals for your program.


  • Twenty-nine percent of prospective students worldwide are considering a part-time MBA, the third most considered MBA program.  Find out how your world region does with PT interest from candidates.
  • Learn about other MBA programs and types and develop a strategy to beat out your competition.
  • Part-time MBA programs offer diverse career paths for male and female graduates. Find out what those paths mean for your graduates who are career enhancers and career switchers.
  • Your program’s website provides information for part-time candidates to help them make a decision on applying and enrolling. Learn the key factors candidates want to know about your program to ensure your website meets their needs.

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Gregg Schoenfeld, Director, Management Education Research