Going Places: Mobility in Management Education

Mobility in Management Education

Glean insights about mobility trends among prospective students in the business school talent pipeline.  This webcast focuses on the portable skills and international careers that make GME degree-holders valuable members of the global workforce.

Get a behind-the-scenes view of this dynamic recruitment landscape for graduate management education. By tracking score-sending patterns, schools can gauge potential applicant pipelines to identify new sources of talent. In addition, learn ways you can effectively engage these prospects by sharing the career and skill trends that make them valuable members of the global workforce.


    • Did you know that 831,337 score reports were sent to business schools in TY2012? That’s more than 100 score reports sent each hour of the day. Learn how to increase the number of score reports sent to your programs.
    • TY2012 had 228,971 individuals take the GMAT exam and 89,000 send GMAT scores outside their country of citizenship. Learn how market intelligence can enhance your efforts to reach your goals
    • More than 94 percent of citizens in Eastern Europe, East/Southeast Asia and Latin America plan to study outside their home country. Learn how to connect with the global pipeline.
    • Online MBA interest is up from 2008. What does this mean for your traditional program?

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    • Alex Chisholm, Director of Statistical Analysis, Research and Development
    • Gregg Schoenfeld, Director of Management Education Research, Research and Development