A Closer Look at Specialized Masters Programs

Specialized Masters

Most business schools offer a variety of graduate management education degree options, including a range of specialized master’s programs. As the nature of the business school portfolio changes, the GMAT test taking population also continues to diversify.

This webinar explores the growth in specialized master’s offerings, highlights which subjects are attracting students in different regions, and what makes these prospects stand apart from others. Data from GMAC’s Application Trends Survey Report is featured in the discussion.


  • Demand for master’s programs continue to grow with Accounting/Taxation, Finance, and Management MS programs the most desired by candidates. Find out what other MS programs are on the rise so you can provide what students want.
  • Did you know candidates can search by GMAT program code?  Do you have program codes for all of your programs? Find out if your programs are listed correctly.
  • Younger candidates, women, and non US citizens are driving the master’s growth; see the shifts in GMAT global trends over the last five years.
  • What do Sweden, Germany, and China have in common?  Or China, Vietnam, and Russia?  See how your pipeline will change by citizenship and the impact on your recruiting efforts.
  • Top reservations for MS candidates are financial concerns, demands on time, and job outcomes. Learn the desired outcomes and motivations of candidates so you can tailor your efforts.

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Michelle Sparkman-Renz, Director of Research Communications, Research and Development