GMAC Data-to-Go: US Underrepresented Populations in the Student Pipeline

July 01, 2011

This survey report details responses of various underrepresented US populations who were contemplating taking the GMAC exam relative to their motivations, preferences and opinions about graduate business school.


This interactive data file shows a detailed response profile from US underrepresented populations who participated in our monthly online surveys of individuals who register on The responses offer a view into the motivations, preferences, program choices, needs, and opinions of thousands of individuals who are contemplating taking the GMAT exam.

The report combines data collected in 2009 and 2010 from registrants residing in the United States and displays their responses by self-reported race/ethnicity categories. Responses are shown for the following categories:

  • African American (N = 1,024)
  • Hispanic American (N = 814)
  • Native American (N = 97)
  • All Underrepresented Populations, a combination of all respondents who selected African American, Hispanic American, and Native American (N = 1,935)
  • All Other Americans (N = 13,663)

Graduate business school professionals can use the survey results to understand their target audience, build messages and brands, allocate resources, and develop recruitment strategies.