GMAC Prospective Students Survey – 2024 Deans Summary

March 2024


This Deans Summary highlights the key themes and insights of the GMAC Prospective Students Survey 2024 Report, which continues to explore trends in the candidate pipeline, program preferences, mobility considerations, and career goals.

Quick Facts

2024 Prospective Students Survey Deans Summary

  • What’s New in 2024: Nearly three quarters of prospective students say equity and inclusion, sustainability, and health and well-being are important or very important to their academic experience.
  • Business & STEM: Candidate demand for AI grew 38% year-over-year, with two-fifths now saying it is essential to their curricula.
  • Demand for Flexibility: Preference for hybrid learning increased globally over the past five years (with the exception of Central and South Asia), with most of these candidates expressing a desire to spend at least half the time in the classroom.
  • Candidate Mobility: Indian candidates are showing more interest in studying closer to home, while affordability and safety considerations are leading to declining interest among Chinese students to study in the United States.
  • Program Preferences & Alternatives: The two-year MBA recaptured the top preferred degree spot from the one-year MBA, and the Master of Management resurged in popularity.
  • Career & Skills: Strategy and business analytics are the most desired curricular components among candidates and problem-solving and data analysis and interpretation are the top skills they expect to learn from GME.