Understanding the Non-Business Undergraduate Prospective Student

May 2022


This Research Brief provides data and analysis on business school candidates who studied non-business fields as undergraduates, including liberal arts and STEM subjects. Topics covered include demographics, timing of their consideration of business school, career aspirations, curriculum preferences, and evaluation of business school options. 

The underlying data is from the GMAC Prospective Students Survey. 

Quick Facts

Understanding the Non-Business Undergraduate Prospective Student
  • Globally, 45 percent of 2021 respondents to the GMAC Prospective Students Survey studied a non-business subject as undergraduates.
  • Around 30 percent of non-business undergrads do not begin considering entering business school until being in the workforce for three or more years.
  • Non-business undergrads are largely drawn to technology roles upon completing their graduate business program, as well as positions in the products and services industry.