Accessing GMAT™ Focus Edition Scores

Plan ahead for updates to GMAT score data files.

On September 25, 2023, GMAC will be updating the GMAT score data files to add support for GMAT™ Focus Edition Scores. To avoid disruption in receiving scores, please make sure to update your systems to accept the new data file layout. To help you prepare, we have provided the updated format layouts and sample files below.

Upcoming Changes to the GMAT Score Data File (.csv and .txt formats)

  • Revised Score Percentile Ranges
    • Updated from 0-99% to 0-100%
  • GMAT™ Focus Edition score data
    • Score columns have been added for GMAT™ Focus Edition scores and percentiles
  • Expired Scores
    • In the future, exams that are older than 5 years (expired scores) will be indicated in the file, until then expired scores will continue to be sent via paper format
    • New column added to indicate (in the future) when a score is expired

Upcoming Changes to Score Reporting Portal & Downloadable PDF files

  • New “By Exam” Filter Added
    • GMAT™ Exam
    • GMAT™ Focus Edition
  • New GMAT™ Focus Edition Score Table – Quick View & PDF
    • Available if an appointment was for the GMAT™ Focus Edition
    • If a candidate sent your program scores from both a GMAT™ exam and a GMAT™ Focus Edition exam, both GMAT™ Exam and GMAT™ Focus Edition score tables will appear in the Quick View and on the PDF 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the GMAT team at And remember, you can still access scores for the current GMAT™ Exam at Access GMAT Scores.

Sample Score Report

Once candidates start taking the GMAT™ Focus Edition, the Official Score Report you receive will look slightly different from what you are used to with the GMAT™ Exam. Namely, that they will include scores for both versions of the GMAT™ exam:

  • The GMAT™ Focus Edition section will only include the scores that the candidate selected to be sent to your program.
  • The GMAT™ Exam section will include any valid score from the candidate from the past five years (not including cancelled scores).

In the sample score report found here or at School Resources, the candidate has opted to share the results from two GMAT™ Focus Edition test appointments and their previous GMAT™  Exam result is also included.

Guide and Sample Files


Sample Files

*Updates to the data file are highlighted