Student Data: Research


We see a world where individuals can benefit from matching their talent and aspiration with the best business school education for them. That is our vision. To advance our vision, our research team may analyze survey results, your Candidate Profile, and other data, including your product usage, product results (test scores), website usage, and information legally obtained from other sources, including schools, school accreditation bodies, data brokers, public record sources, and social media platforms.  We use the research results for the legitimate purpose of providing you, schools, and the graduate management education (GME) community with insights across the student lifecycle, from candidates’ first consideration of GME to alums’ career trajectories.  This information helps schools develop strategies and provide relevant programs and courses for students.  We also analyze your personal information to create parameters for curated school marketing databases and strategies.  We may share your personal information with third party service providers to conduct research.

Our published research reports do not include your personal information.   To make sure that our aggregation effectively anonymizes our data, we define minimum acceptable group sizes.  Many of our reports are publicly available.  Other reports are available only to our members, participating organizations, or specific sponsors. To read our publicly available research briefs and papers, visit GMAC Market Intelligence & Research.

GMAC also analyzes your personal information for our own legitimate interests related to our products and services, such as improving our products and services, developing new products and services, expanding and developing new markets, market research, and demonstrating the value of our products and services.  For example, we conduct assessment validity studies for schools to demonstrate how our assessments correlate to classroom performance.  When we conduct an assessment validity study for a school or organization, they may share your name or identifier and your GPA with us, so we can compare your performance on our assessment with your performance in their program. The validity study report provided to the school or organization includes only aggregated, anonymous data, not your personal information.

When there is a legitimate interest, we may also share your personal information with third-party researchers, including academic researchers and corporate researchers.  For example, we may provide assessment score-sending data to a university professor to explore student mobility.  As another example, a school loan lender may be interested in understanding if there is a correlation between assessment scores and loan pay-back rates. In their legitimate interest, and in the interest of candidates (reducing the cost of loans by increasing accuracy of lending risk), we may share personal data as necessary for the lender to conduct this research. We may also use and share your personal information, including test performance and score-sending data, to develop predictive algorithms to help schools identify and communicate with candidates who are a good fit with their programs. Third-party researchers are contractually obligated to safeguard your personal information and they are not permitted to publish your personal information. 

To further our legitimate interests, we may invite you to participate in one or more surveys.  You may have provided your email to us or, where legally permitted, we may have obtained it from a third party, such as a school or data broker. When you participate in a research survey, we may collect your email address and contact information so we can contact you to provide you with follow-up reports, an opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes, or follow-up research. We may also request information such as opinions, attitudes, background information, and evaluations of our products and services. This information may be combined with information about you that we have already collected. We value your responses, but research survey participation is optional, and we will honor your request to unsubscribe from these invitations.

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