GME Admissions Reporting Guidelines

Vote by July 15, 2020

The GME Admissions Reporting Guidelines is meant to standardize reporting so that candidates can accurately compare across programs. A copy of the guidelines, FAQs and email from GMAC may be found under Related Resources below.

New! The FAQs have been updated to address questions around data collection and security. They also now include the pros and cons of each endorsement level as outlined by the taskforce. Please review and consider this updated information when casting your endorsement vote.

GMAC asks for your endorsement of the guidelines by choosing one of the five (5) options. For each scenario, you are also agreeing that GMAC will assume the role of maintaining and communicating the Guidelines. (Please note that you will be voting as a representative for your school. Accordingly, please ensure that you have internal buy-in on your responses.)

Contact us at if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.