Emerging Markets: Africa & the Middle East

Emerging Markets

With some of the world's fastest-growing student populations, regional dynamics in Africa and the Middle East are likely to have a profound effect on management education in different parts of the world.  This webcast will highlight the overall demand from students in countries across Africa and the Middle East, trends in age and background of candidates, and ways to engage them for your program.


  • Africa and the Middle East account for 15,725 total GMAT exams and demonstrate growth from testing volumes five years ago. This demographic is eager to succeed in business school.
  • Population growth for 20-29 year olds in Africa is expected to grow by 30+ million by 2020, which can impact your student pipeline options.
  • Find out what is the leading study destination for test takers from these regions and the major gains seen among schools in South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, and Kenya.
  • Forty-nine percent of the more than 1,000 prospective students surveyed in 2011 from Africa and Middle East countries reported that they planned to enroll in a graduate business program within six months from the time of the survey. And, 32 percent hoped to enroll within the next year. Explore how your programs can benefit from this data.

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  • Alex Chisholm, Senior Manager, Statistical Analysis
  • Ron Sibert, Africa Business Development Director