Diversity by the Numbers: Data for US Minorities


How many of today’s prospective students are from US underrepresented groups? When do they make decisions about business school? Where can I find them? Who’s influential in their decision? And, what career outcomes are they seeking? Learn first-hand about the pipeline of prospective students from US underrepresented groups and how it is notably different than the pipeline from five years ago.


  • Learn what it means that the total number of individual test takers among the US underrepresented population is up by 2.7 percent.
  • Hispanics move six months faster on average from considering business school to submitting an application when compared with both African Americans and all other US citizens. Hear why the difference is important.
  • African American women represent 52 percent of test takers, compared to 45 percent for Hispanic and Native Americans women. Learn how this data can assist your recruiting and diversity efforts.
  • New York, Atlanta, and Houston are emerging as leading sources of talent. Learn other high-talent locations where GMAT examinees are growing.

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Michelle Sparkman Renz, Director, Research Communications