Meet the Segments

This booklet provides an overview of the GMAC Global Graduate Management Education Segmentation Study and details insights about each segment through infographics.  

October 2016


In 2016, GMAC kicked off a global graduate management education (GME) candidate segmentation study in partnership with IPSOS, a well-known market research firm, to help drive industry growth through insights on the motivations of the broader GME candidate pipeline. The study identified seven global segments that have distinct differences on what motivates them to pursue GME, including the desire to be a role model, provide for one’s children, develop skills, and impact society.

Quick Facts

  • The sample of the study included 5,900 individuals who had applied to a graduate business school program between January 2014 and April 2016. Participants’ citizenship represents 15 countries.
  • The study was designed to differentiate segments of candidates along two dimensions of motivation: candidates’ motivations to pursue a graduate business degree and candidates’ motivations to apply to a specific school.
  • Business schools can use the insights and tools generated from this report to identify the candidate segments they currently attract to their programs, target candidate segments for greater outreach and effectively market to them with motivation-based messaging, and tailor their students’ experience based on their study preferences and career aspirations.