Global Candidate Segmentation Playbook

This resource provides school professionals with data and insights to plan and execute program marketing campaigns informed by the GMAC global candidate segmentation model.

June 2018


The data that drives this playbook is based on the survey responses of nearly 10,000 registrants organized by their best fit segment, providing school professionals with new information into global GME demand to better inform program marketing strategies. For each segment, the data is arranged around the four Ps of marketing—product, place, price, promotion—and provides school professionals with insights into how the seven segments uniquely relate to the various facets of these four key elements of an effective program marketing strategy.

Quick Facts

  • Included in the summary of each segment is “your go-to play”—a jumping off point for users to adapt the segmentation insights into customized messaging for various communication channels.
  • Among 2017 registrants, 17 percent are Respect Seekers, 34 percent are Global Strivers, 8 percent are Balanced Careerists, 5 percent are Career Revitalizers, 11 percent are Socioeconomic Climbers, 13 percent are Skill Upgraders, and 12 percent are Impactful Innovators.