How Has COVID-19 Changed Candidate Preferences? GMAC Prospective Students Survey Webinar

May 2022


Join GMAC Research for an in-depth presentation and discussion of the latest findings of the GMAC Prospective Students Survey.

Going beyond the data and insights shared in the new GMAC Prospective Students Survey – 2022 Summary Report, this webinar explores how prospective students’ preferences for graduate management education (GME) have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic by comparing more than 6,500 candidate survey responses collected in 2021 to previous years. 

We'll discuss: 

  • Perceptions of GME – Do candidates still value GME in the same way?
  • Career Journeys – Where do candidates want GME to take their career?
  • Program Preferences – What program types are in demand, and how do candidates want them delivered?
  • Study Destinations – How has COVID changed where people want to study?