Gen Z: A First Look at the Next Generation of Graduate Business School Candidates

This research brief provides high-level survey findings related to Gen Z candidates' journey to business school.

August 2018


Gen Z—defined here as the generation born between 1996 and 2012—is beginning to complete their undergraduate degrees and make their way into the business school candidate pipeline. For the first time, GMAC Research is able to provide high-level survey findings related to their decision-making timeline, financing plans, program choices, influencers, post-GME professional plans, and media behaviors.

Quick Facts

  • After their first consideration of business school, Gen Z candidates tend to move through the pipeline at a slightly slower pace than their millennial counterparts.
  • Nearly 4 in 5 Gen Z candidates will receive financial support from their parents (77%), on average covering 43 percent of their total costs.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z candidates say they prefer a business master’s program type (64%).
  • Most Gen Z candidates want a limited amount of online coursework. On average, they say they want 20 percent of their coursework delivered online.