Video transcript: Discover Why B-Schools Worldwide Value the GMAT™ Exam

Dylan Stafford: Schools earn reputations slowly through time. You know Warren Buffett's quote, "It takes 20 years to earn a reputation, and you could mess it up in a day." Universities take a long time to earn their reputation, and the GMAT score, the average scores for an entering student body, that's one way that schools establish their credibility.

Segran Nair: What the GMAT does in the different sections that it has, it presents individuals with data points. And under time pressure circumstances, require students or applicants rather to make decisions on the data points that are given.

Diana Sloan: At Iowa State University, we believe that, because the GMAT is the admissions test that was designed specifically for graduate management education, it's the most trustworthy indicator of whether or not the candidate has the potential to be successful in business school.