Sample GMAT Benchmarking Scenarios

Review these sample scenarios to see how you might use the GMAT Benchmarking Tool in your admissions process.

Make more informed admissions decisions. Review these scenarios to see how you can leverage the GMAT Benchmarking Tool to help you make more informed admissions decisions.

You would like to round out your class profile with a candidate from Latin America. You have two applicants, one from Argentina and one from Mexico. Both have a Total GMAT Score of 520, which one should you select?

Use the "Apply Filters" functionality to select the World Region of "Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America". You will notice the mean GMAT Total score decreases from 547 to 519 when the filter is applied. 

When "Argentina" is selected in the Country of Citizenship field, the mean GMAT Total Score increases to 591. When "Mexico" is selected, the mean GMAT Total Score decreases to 502.

This information can be used to further inform your admission decision for these candidates.

Should I consider a Chinese applicant with a verbal score of 20?

Navigating to the "Verbal" tab of the GMAT Benchmarking Tool displays the mean Verbal score for all GMAT test takers over the past three years as 27. When the World Region of "Asia" is selected, the mean Verbal score decreases to 23. When the Country of Citizenship filter of "China" is selected the mean Verbal score is 23

You may want to consider this candidate appropriate for an interview, or you may want to review the candidate's Analytical Writing Sample from the Score Reporting Website to further assess their verbal skills.

You have a donor scholarship that you need to award.

Your donor requests that you award the scholarship based on the following criteria: a woman from Africa with a GPA of 3.6 or above and a Total GMAT Score of 600 or greater. After using the GMAT Benchmarking Tool to filter by the Country by "Africa", the Gender of "Female" and the GPA of "3.6 and above" you realize that the mean GMAT Total Score is 471, well below the donor's requirement of 600 or above

Applying further "Country of Citizenship" filters for countries in Africa such as Nigeria (mean Total GMAT Score 447), Egypt (mean Total GMAT Score 501), or South Africa (mean Total GMAT Score 475), also does not meet the donor's criteria.

This data can be used to inform your internal scholarship selection process as well as to negotiate the eligibility criteria with your donor. 

How will you use the GMAT Benchmarking Tool in your admissions process? Let us know.