Market to US Military

Find military personnel with leadership skills that will benefit your program.

The military represents a large market of highly skilled candidates for you to reach.

Of the more than 200,000 career officers leaving their branches of the US armed forces, many have exceptional leadership and team-building skills that would fit well with the strategic and analytical education that schools like yours provide.

Tips for Recruiting US Military Candidates

Requirements for Military-Friendly Designation on

The listing is free, but your school must accept the following four conditions for participation (subject to applicable federal, state and local laws and university regulations):

  1. Waive your application fee for any military personnel who have been on active duty within three years prior to applying.
  2. Commit to making financial aid available to qualified military personnel who have transitioned from the service in the two years prior to enrolling in your program. The amount of aid you offer would be based on the same considerations you use to make awards to applicants from the civilian population.
  3. Provide a one-year deferment if an admitted military student’s plans are delayed by their service branch.
  4. Connect GMAC to one graduate or current student with military background for an interview to be published on