GMAC Research Highlights: 2012

2012 GMAC Research Highlights

To borrow a phrase from our research staff, “Don’t let good data go to waste!” Discover new data patterns, explore trends, and uncover tips you can actually use in your decision-making for admissions, program design, and career and alumni services.

This webcast provides an overview of trends in the business school talent pipeline and key findings from GMAT data and GMAC survey research conducted in 2011-2012.


  • Find out how macro forces have changed the recruiting landscape and what you can do in 2013 to overcome recruiting challenges.
  • More women are taking the GMAT; find out what this means for your graduate management programs.
  • There’s growing interest in specialized master’s programs, with higher growth from Asia-Pacific and European candidates. Learn how to use data to uncover ideas for program and recruitment design.
  • Emergence of online education is gaining popularity. Is it a trend or new standard?
  • Will the positive hiring trend in GME continue in 2013?

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  • Alex Chisholm, Senior Manager of Statistical Analysis
  • Michelle Sparkman-Renz, Director, Research Communications