How Integrated Reasoning Can Benefit the Admissions Process- GMAC Answers Questions from Schools

Integrated Reasoning & Admissions

Integrated Reasoning (IR) has been a part of the GMAT exam for 18 months.  Most programs are seeing GMAT score reports with IR as a data point, which can be a benefit to your program when evaluating a candidate.

In this 30-minute webcast, the GMAT Program team will answer the top five questions we hear most often and share the unique aspects of IR that can help you in your admissions decision-making process. 

Request a customized band report for your school by emailing and include “band report” in the subject line.

What is a band report? A band report provides data on how your test takers performed on IR compared to an overall GMAT score range. Band reports give you an additional data point to evaluate a candidate’s potential, which gives you more confidence in your recruitment efforts.


  • Learn more about what employers and alumni think of Integrated Reasoning and the value it brings to the workforce.
  • Get answers to the most asked questions about IR.
  • Did you know there is no significant difference in IR scores between gender or country of citizenship.
  • Conduct your own programs predictive validity study for free!

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Michelle Sparacino, Director, GMAT Program