Hire Expectations 2013

Hiring Expectations Event

Learn from GMAC researchers and gain key insights from our latest employer and student surveys.

Aligning student expectations with those of corporate recruiters is the topic of this GMAC webinar. This is our annual look at the hiring landscape and what career services and admissions professionals need to know to help students manage their MBA and master’s career expectations.

The gap between MBA or specialized business master's student expectations and the hiring landscape extends beyond ideas about starting salaries to the skills employers look for and the likelihood that graduates will land a dream job with their dream company after they complete their programs. Matching expectations with reality depends on access to solid data about the job market, understanding student perceptions and motivations, and then communicating these insights with students.



  • Health care/pharmaceuticals and energy/utilities industries are seeing a higher demand for MBA talent in 2013. 
  • Engagement on campus matters and students that are involved in a range of activities do better in their job search.
  • Resumes are still important and, on average, recruiters look at a resume for only six seconds.
  • Career management offices are one of the best resources for students in the job search.

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  • Michelle Sparkman-Renz, Director, Research Communications
  • Rebecca Estrada, Survey Research Manager, Research and Development