From Applicant to Employee: What 2012 Hiring Trends Mean for Your Recruiting


Examine the “behind the scenes” trends on how companies choose which schools to visit—–and what they look for in the students they interview and hire. This webcast provides an overview of hiring trends and employment data for business school talent that impacts your admissions function.


  • The quality of students is the number #1 criterion employers cite when deciding which campuses to visit for identifying new hires.
  • More companies plan to increase the number of MBA and master’s new hires in 2012 according to the 2011 Year-End Employer Poll. Learn more about the job market for your students.
  • See how employers ranked the traits they’re looking for in new employees–and discover new data on what aspects of leadership are important in 2012 hires.

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  • Rebecca Estrada, Survey Research Manager, Research and Development
  • Gregg Schoenfeld, Director, Graduate Management Research