Engagement Techniques

Engagement Techniques

You’re five minutes into a presentation and you’ve lost your audience. They’re grabbing for their phones and checking their email, but not focusing on your message. What do you do? GMAC partnered with expert speaker, Kathy Reiffenstein from And…Now Presenting! to create a webcast on Engagement Techniques to help you better connect with your audience. In this 20 minute webcast, you’ll learn how to engage an audience, keeping them focused, and participative.


  • Did you know that 91 percent of business professionals admit to daydreaming during meetings? Learn how to reduce that percentage in YOUR presentation.
  • Learn how to begin your presentation with an attention-grabber and make a memorable first impression.
  • Take advantage of the 15-minute rule of keeping your audience engaged for 15 minutes before their mind wanders.

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Kathy Reiffenstein, founder and President of And…Now Presenting!