Multicultural Recruitment Marketing


The percentage of underrepresented minorities attending business school does not come close to
matching up with the growing diversity in the United States (where one in four under the age of 18 are
Hispanic). You know the business case for diversity: Classroom discussions and student experiences will be
richer and companies will produce better bottom line results. But even though the need is clear, the impact
has been slow to take hold. In this session, we’ll build upon the existing research and pipeline programs
already in place. We’ll revisit your diversity recruiting efforts, providing ideas and tips to develop an effective outreach strategy. We’ll discuss important factors that will provide a more holistic marketing approach
when you’re reaching out to diverse audiences. And we’ll study examples from inside and outside the academic world as well as pitfalls to avoid. Join us for a provocative and practical discussion!

NICOLE LINDSAY, Executive Director, New York Needs You
FAVIO MARTINEZ, Marketing and Research Chief,
Inter-American Development Bank

ERIC CHAMBERS, Director, Key Initiatives, Graduate Management Admission Council