2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey: B-School Alumni Employment Report

This report presents findings of the 2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey associated with alumni employment, including employment status, entrepreneurship, industry, job functions, and salary.

February 2018


This survey report is the second in a series of topical reports based on the results of the 2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey. The results are based on the survey responses 10,882 alumni representing 274 institutions and a wide variety of program types.

Quick Facts

  • The vast majority of b-school alumni are employed, whether for a company (79%) or as self-employed entrepreneurs (10%).
  • B-school alumni are employed across a range of industries and job functions. Recent alumni are more likely than earlier alumni to work in the technology and products/services industries. Earlier alumni are more likely to work in the finance/accounting and consulting industries.
  • The majority of business school alumni feel their graduate management education advanced their careers at a faster rate compared with peers who do not have a graduate management education.
  • The median base salary among alumni is US$115,000, with variation by job level and location.