2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

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March 20, 2017

This 2017 summary report presents findings from the Alumni Perspectives Survey that GMAC conducted from September 28 to November 21 2016. Report analysis is based on responses from 14,651 graduate business school alumni. They represent more than 1,000 graduate business programs at more than 300 universities worldwide located in 46 countries. 


Results discussed in the 2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report showcase the educational, personal, and professional outcomes of nearly 15,000 graduate business school alumni who report high employment rates, post-degree salary growth, career advancement and job satisfaction. Featured topics in the report:

  • Alumni Net Promoter, or customer loyalty, scores for their alma mater;
  • Alumni employment outcomes, new career opportunities;
  • Total compensation by industry and job level;
  • Business school support of entrepreneurial opportunities; and 
  • Essential workforce skills.

Survey respondents currently work in 122 countries and represent three generations of business school alumni including Millennials (38% of respondents), Gen Xers (43%), and Baby Boomers (19%).

Quick Facts

  • More than half of alumni (52%) are employed in an industry or job function they did not have prior to entering business school.
  • Globally, the products and services (27%), technology (14%), and finance and accounting (11%) sectors employ the greatest proportion of alumni represented in the survey.
  • Total compensation packages for alumni range from a median of US$75,513 for an entry-level position up to a median of US$440,122 for a c-suite executive.