2012 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

2012 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report Cover

The Alumni Perspectives Survey is a longitudinal study of alumni who previously participated in a Global Management Education Graduate Survey. This report is based on response to the September 2011 survey. A total of 4,135 graduate business alumni responded, including 963 alumni from the class of 2011.


How successful were this year’s business school graduates at landing jobs? What value does a graduate management degree provide to alumni? What is the ROI for MBA alumni over time?

The findings in this Alumni Perspectives Survey report answer these questions and shed light on current economic trends and workplace attitudes affecting alumni from MBA and other business master’s programs as they enter the job market and throughout their careers.  

Quick Facts

  • Among all survey respondents, 94% were employed—87% worked for an employer and 7% were self-employed.
  • The median salary reported by the alumni from all participating graduation years was USD$95,000, with additional compensation averaging USD$18,123.
  • On average, alumni across all participating graduation years recouped one-third of their financial investment in their graduate degree immediately after graduation, and saw a 100% return on investment (ROI) after four years