2006-07 MBA Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

2007 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report cover

This report presents a holistic summary of findings from the GMAC MBA Alumni Perspectives Surveys conducted in April and September of 2006.


The MBA Alumni Perspectives Surveys are biannual surveys that follow MBA graduates over the course of their careers to understand general market trends and alumni career progression, expectations, attitudes about work, and assessment of their education. Alumni from the classes of 2000 to 2006 participated.

Quick Facts

  • Alumni who are satisfied with their graduate management education are more likely to feel that they
    made the right decision to pursue the degree and are more likely to participate in alumni activities.
  • Managing one’s career is the most common skill/ability for which alumni wish they had received
    additional training.
  • The majority of alumni actively maintain a network of contacts; use of this network is the
    most common method of obtaining a job.