2013 DTG: Graduate Management Education in Canada

December 13, 2013

This latest report in the GMAC Data-to-Go Series provides an overview of trends in graduate management education in Canada and a brief look at jobs and employment trends for recent 2013 business school graduates in Canada.
Key themes of internationalization, program portfolio, and student recruitment appear in data throughout.


Findings in this data-to-go brief are derived from several sources of information, including:

  • A total of 7,969 GMAT exams taken by prospective business school students residing in Canada, and 29,219 GMAT score reports sent to business schools in Canada for testing year 2013.
  • Responses from 24 graduate management programs at 18 Canadian business schools that participated in the GMAC Application Trends Survey, which was conducted in June-July 2013.
  • Responses from graduate business school students in their last year of school who participated in the GMAC Global Management Education Graduate Survey conducted in February 2013. Data was analyzed based on Canadian citizenship and by Canada as a school location.