2009-2013 Asian Geographic Trend Report

TY 2013 Asia Geo Trend Cover image-small

April 09, 2014


The Asian Geographic Trend Report for GMAT Examinees focuses on mobility trends among citizens of the 10 countries in the region who sent the most score reports in TY 2013. Geographic and background data collected after each test taker completes the GMAT exam are used along with score-sending patterns to illustrate which countries receive the most score reports from citizens of that area and which groups send the most score reports to programs in that region.

Quick Facts

  • Asian citizens sat for 96,798 GMAT exams in TY 2013, an increase of 22 percent when compared with TY 2009.
  • In TY 2013, Asian citizens sent a total of 298,147 GMAT score reports to management programs worldwide, directing the majority to programs in the United States (66%).