2010 Corporate Recruiters Survey - UK Outlook

This paper is derived from the GMAC 2010 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report series.


Data summarised in this publication represent responses from 41 companies located in the United Kingdom (UK) that participated in our Corporate Recruiters Survey. These employers recruit graduating students from MBA and other master’s-level programmes in business or management and represent a small fraction of the 2,367 survey respondents for that year. In conjunction with the overall conclusions found in the main report series, this paper offers local-level information that is best interpreted with the knowledge of local UK markets. For the purposes of this paper, "European countries" include only European Union members and Switzerland.

Quick Facts

  • During the recent economic crisis, the UK invested in MBAs—proportionally more UK companies hired recent MBA graduates in 2009 and planned to hire them in 2010 compared with other European countries or the US. 
  • According to employer projections, the 2010 average annual starting salary for MBA graduate hires was estimated at £60,000. In addition, more than one-third of companies (36%) planned to offer an average signing bonus of more than £16,000.
  • UK employers rated MBA interpersonal skills higher than did employers in other European countries or the US.