2009 Corporate Recruiters Survey: Year-End Employer Poll Report

2009 Corporate Recruiters Survey

December 14, 2009

The report outlines the results of a year-end follow-up poll of employers who participated in the 2009 Corporate Recruiters Survey in the early part of the year.


In November 2009, GMAC conducted a year-end poll of employers who participate in the 2009 Corporate Recruiters Survey. This year-end poll provides insight into companies’ hiring with a focus on six candidate types. It also reflects the 2010 hiring plans for MBAs and other business school graduates.

This year’s results are based on responses from 317 employers representing 287 companies. 172 companies in the United States and 115 companies from 35 other countries are represented in the findings.

The data collected will help participating employers compare their experiences with their peers and provide business schools and students with an advance look at 2010 job prospects.

Quick Facts

  • The majority (70%) of the participants expected business to improve in 2010.
  • The level of uncertainty in hiring plans remains high with >25% of employers indicating they had not determined hiring plans for 2010.
  • Experienced hires (80%), recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree (73%) and recent MBA graduates (65%) were the top three candidate types to be hired in 2009.