2009 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

Alumni Perspective Survey 2009 Survey Report Cover

These biannual surveys follow MBA graduates over the course of their careers to understand general market trends and alumni career progression, expectations, attitudes about work, and assessment of their education.


This report represents the findings from a total of 3,261 alumni who responded to an April 2008 survey and 3,828 alumni who responded to the September 2008 survey about the characteristics of their first jobs as well as their current jobs. The survey also tracked changes in responsibilities, promotions, and salaries over time and assessed the benefits of graduate management education from a retrospective point of view.

The report is organized into three sections geared to particular audiences―graduate business schools, graduate business school alumni, and employers. The final section profiles groups of alumni including females, US underrepresented minorities, individuals who are self-employed, and those working in investment banking.

Quick Facts

  • 94% of alumni were employed.
  • The median salary increase between pre-degree salary and salary six months after graduation was 53% for full-time MBA graduates and 29% for part-time MBA graduates.
  • Four out of five alumni from the class of 2008 indicated that they could not have obtained the job without a graduate management degree.