2009 Global Management Education Graduate Survey Report

2009 Global Management Education Graduate Survey Report cover

This survey provides information about up and coming graduates reports on student’s beliefs about their education and career objectives and opportunities post-graduation.


The Global Management Education Graduate Survey is distributed each year to students at participating business schools in February and March, a few months before graduation. The survey allows students to express their opinions about their education, the value of their degrees, and what they intend to do with their degrees after graduation, among other topics.

Findings presented in this year’s report represent responses from 5,214 students at 203 schools worldwide form the basis of this report. There were 2,053 (39%) respondents from countries other than the United States, with 24% attending schools outside the United States. The vast majority of respondents (94%) were enrolled in MBA programs.

Quick Facts

  • The global economic crisis has not diminished the perceived value of a graduate business education—91 percent of respondents considered their degree an outstanding to good value.
  • The majority of graduating students felt their graduate business school had more than adequately prepared them to meet the challenges they will face in the economy and labor market.
  • Students have not been deterred from their search for employment. Despite poor economic conditions, a greater percentage of job seekers from the graduating class of 2009 had received an offer of employment than in previous downturns.