GMAC Prospective Students Survey – 2022 Latinx Market Insights Infographic

November 2022


This infographic – a part of the 2022 Diversity Insight Series – provides insights on the population and geography of Latinx and Hispanic American candidates in the business school pipeline. Using GMAT examinees test-taking data, the infographic illustrates where US Latinx and Hispanic American candidates live across the United States. The goal of the 2022 Diversity Insights Series is to help the graduate management education community craft more effective diversity initiatives to better reach these populations.

Quick Facts

U.S. Latinx/Hispanic Candidates: 2022 Diversity Insight Series Infographic
  • US Latinx and Hispanic American business school candidates are likeliest to be in the west (26%) and southwest (21%) regions of the United States.
  • The New York – Newark - Jersey City NY – NJ - PA metro area has the highest concentration of US Latinx and Hispanic American GMAT test-takers.


Note on terminology: The terms “Hispanic” and “Latinx” refer to two slightly different but overlapping populations. “Hispanic” refers to people who speak Spanish or who trace their roots to Spanish-speaking countries, while “Latino”, “Latina”, and the gender-neutral term “Latinx” denote people who are from or trace their roots specifically to Latin America. In this report, as is standard practice in this area of research, the two terms will be used interchangeably to refer to U.S. citizens who trace their roots to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America, South America, and other Spanish-speaking or Latin American countries.