Building the West to East Pipeline: 2022 Diversity Insight Series

October 2022


This research brief – a part of the 2022 Diversity Insight Series – offers insight into candidates currently in the business school pipeline from the Americas and Western Europe who are interested in pursuing a degree from a business school in Asia.

The brief draws upon unique GMAC research data, particularly GMAT score-sending data and the from the GMAC Prospective Student Survey (PSS), along with expert insights, to provide recruitment teams at Asian business schools and universities with up-to-date knowledge of the students they are looking to recruit. 

Quick Facts

  • Building the West to East Pipeline: 2022 Diversity Insight SeriesForty percent of unique Western score senders in 2022 to Asian business schools were under the age of 22, while 28 percent were between the ages of 25 and 30.
  • Master of Finance programs are the most popular degree choice among Western citizens and/or residents who have sent GMAT scores to Asian schools.
  • Mainland China and Singapore remain the most popular destinations for Western applicants to Asian business schools