2014: How Do I Pay for Business School?


Few things in life have a greater payoff than an investment in education in terms of the opportunity it provides to acquire skills, build a career, boost income, and fulfill personal goals. But increases in costs for higher education and changes in the world economy have had an impact on decisions to enroll in graduate business programs, particularly since the start of the global recession. The percentage of prospective students with reservations about pursuing a graduate management degree has gone down since 2009, but the cost of education and potential debt load remain the most common reservations.

A supplemental interactive report from five years of data collected in the mba.com Prospective Students Survey (2009 and 2013) show trends in the expected financial mix that prospective students plan to use to pay for their graduate management education. See results by citizenship, domestic or international study destination, the type of graduate management program considered, gender, and age group.

This Interactive Tool accompanies the 2014 Data-to-Go brief: Paying for Business School

Quick Facts

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