Europe Research Snapshot: Application Trends Survey 2019

October 2019


2019_europe-app-trends-snapshot-thumbnail_140x179This research snapshot infographic displays European program key findings from the Application Trends Survey 2019. A total of 147 programs at 46 European business schools participated in the 2019 survey.

Quick Facts

  • An uptick in international applications paints a mostly positive picture in Europe. Nearly 2 in 3 programs report international application growth or stability this year. Among programs that responded to both this year’s and last year’s surveys, total applications were up 1.0 percent, domestic applications were up 1.3 percent, and international applications were up 0.9 percent.
  • Most European MBA programs saw application growth. Nearly 2 in 3 European full-time one-year MBA programs report total application growth this year (63%). Consistent with past years, the applicant pool for these programs was heavily international (88%). Sixty percent of programs grew their international application volume this year.
  • UK programs have yet to see significant negative impacts to their international applications as a result of Brexit. Three in 4 UK MBA programs report that their international application volumes either grew (64% of programs) or held steady (11%) compared with last year. Only 25 percent of programs received fewer international applications than last year, and most of them were down slightly (18%).