2013 mba.com Prospective Students Survey: Recruitment Planning Report

April 08, 2013


This report explores the timeline for student decision making, the motivations for pursuing graduate management education, the resources prospects use to gather information about business schools, and how they expect to finance their education. Schools may use this information to develop and place the right messages in the right places to reach the prospective candidate at the right time. The overview presented in this report supplements the detailed and configurable information available in the mba.com Prospective Students Survey Interactive Report for programs using the GMAT exam.

This 2013 report is one of several summary briefs based on the 15,410 responses to the GMAC mba.com Prospective Students Survey conducted between January and December, 2012 among individuals who register on mba.com—the GMAC website for prospective graduate management students. Comparable numbers responded to the 2009, 2010, and 2011 surveys.