B-School Alumni With Longer Commute Times Report Lower Job Satisfaction

New data from the 2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey indicate that more time on the road is negatively related to job satisfaction.

Jun 20, 2017

B-School Outcomes

Prospective business school students

Consistent with past years’ findings, the vast majority of business school alumni are somewhat to extremely satisfied with their current job (91%) according to the results of the 2017 GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey. For the first time, the alumni survey asked respondents to detail the length of their daily commute, which revealed a strong negative relationship between commute time and overall job satisfaction.

Among business school alumni who report being extremely satisfied with their job—27 percent of the total sample of respondents (n = 3,195)—their average total daily commute time is 58 minutes (less than half an hour each way). On the reverse end of the satisfaction spectrum, those that report being ‘not at all satisfied’ with their job report—just 2 percent of the total sample of respondents (n = 237)—their average daily commute time is 71 minutes. 

Average commute time by job satisfaction

For more on business school alumni, download the 2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report at gmac.com/alumniperspectives.