Corporate Recruiters 2020: Survey Signup Information

How to participate and receive exclusive data access

Participation Options

There are two easy ways to participate:

  • Option 1: You provide us with the list of employers that recruit and/or hire students from your business school, and GMAC Research will take care of the rest.

  • Option 2: You administer the survey directly to the employers that recruit and/or hire students from your business school; GMAC will provide you with suggested invitation wording and a unique URL.

Sign up your school to participate now, survey launches for employers on February 24, 2021.

Exclusive Benefits for Participants

Participating schools receive exclusive access to the following:

  • Interactive Benchmark Report Tool. A free online tool that lets survey participants examine findings in greater depth and conduct customized data searches by numerous variables including hiring plans, salary data, and demand for skills overall and by region, industry, function and company size. 
  • Employers will receive a copy of the survey report and the interactive data report.

Instructions: Option 1

GMAC Administers the Survey

Schools provide GMAC with a list of employer/recruiter contacts and GMAC will send the survey invitation and reminder emails directly to the employers that recruit your students. Please read the The GMAC Privacy Statement for information about how we keep your data safe.

Instructions & Important Dates

Submit Your List of Employer Contacts to GMAC by February 24, 2021
  • Compile a list of the employer/recruiters who recruit and/or hire your graduate business students.
    • How many names should we submit? Submit as many or as few names as you like. Some schools submit 50 while others submit several thousand.
    • Who should I include in the list? Consider including employer contacts who visit your campus, post jobs on your job boards, meet with your students at recruiting fairs, recruit remotely, make campus visits, host case competitions, etc. You may include employers even if they did not hire any of your graduates this year.
    • How can I ensure a better response rate from my employers? It's important to ensure your contact list is as clean as possible. Check email addresses for accuracy. Be sure each email address corresponds with the individual's name. 
    • Important: Put the name of your university in the name of the file. For example: "University of GMAC, Corporate Recruiter List 2021." The example below illustrates how to format your list.

      CRS Employer Roster
  • Heads-up email: We have found that when employers receive a heads-up letter from you, explaining the purpose and importance of this study, they are much more likely to respond.
    • We recommend you send the heads-up email to your employers between February 18 - 23. GMAC will provide suggested language for you to use. You are free to modify it.

If you have any questions about the steps outlined above, please contact us at

Instructions: Option 2

School Administers the Survey

Your school will be responsible for sending survey invitations directly to your contact list of employers who recruit and/or hire your graduate-level business students. GMAC will provide you with suggested wording for survey invitations and reminders, as well as a unique survey link for your university.

Instructions & Important Dates

  • Report the number of employers/recruiters you will be inviting to participate in the 2021 Corporate Recruiters Survey via email sent to 
    • Optional but recommended: Submit the contact information for the employers you will be inviting to participate. Many employers recruit at multiple universities. By submitting the contact information of your school's employers, we can make sure that employers receive only one survey invitation. When employers respond, we are also able to ensure that their response is linked to each of the schools where they recruit.
    • To submit your list, follow the instructions on the Option 2 tab.
Key Survey Dates
  • February 24, 2021: You send your employers the invitation to participate in the survey.
  • March 3, 2021: Your school sends a reminder to employers. GMAC will provide suggested text.
  • March 10, 2021: Your school sends a second reminder to employers. GMAC will provide suggested text.
  • March 17, 2021: You send a final email to employers. GMAC will provide suggested text.
  • March 24, 2021: The survey closes.
Important Note about Email Reminders

When GMAC sends out survey invitations (Option 1), we assign a unique link to each employer contact, which enables us to track their response and exclude those who have completed the survey from further follow-up. When you administer the survey, GMAC provides you with a URL unique to your school, which will be used in all emails to the employers you might invite. Unfortunately, the convenience of using one link per school prevents the ability to track individual responses and exclude employers who have already completed the survey from receiving the survey reminder.

What Happens Next?

Data collection for the Corporate Recruiters Survey ends March 24, 2021. Once GMAC researchers have compiled the data, we will send benchmark reports to participating schools that had at least five of their employers respond to the survey. Participating schools and participating employers receive an interactive data report and a summary report of survey findings.

Last Year's Reports

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