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They are the applicants who keep you up at night.

The ambitious entrepreneur with a 4.0 undergraduate GPA but low GMAT score, or the energetic undergraduate with the tantalizing GMAT scores but dismal GPA.

GMAC offers you a powerful custom tool to make tough calls, or justify the calls you have already made. The GMAT Validity Study Service is a statistical analysis of your student information that is:

  • Immediately applicable. See right away how GMAT scores and undergraduate grade-point averages correlate to mid-program grade-point averages.

  • Transparent. Add science to the art of admissions. Data can protect you against charges of unfairness, improve your decision making process, and help you quantify what you do for accreditation purposes.

  • Customizable to your needs. Add your own predictive factors, grouping variables, or other criteria. The more data you add, the more precise the study will be.

  • Statistically rigorous. VSS methodology has been peer reviewed and published in well-respected journals.

  • Full-service. A GMAC psychometrician will work with you to submit as much data as you choose.

  • Fast. Get your personalized study within two weeks of submitting your data.

  • Free. All schools that accept GMAT scores can participate.

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