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We made it even easier for you to access GMAT scores and reports for exams taken at a test center and online.

Our Score Reporting Portal is free, secure, and user friendly. Its intuitive interface requires no special training, and it lets you access available GMAT scores at your convenience – daily, weekly, or monthly. You also have the flexibility to search for scores using different filters such as date range, test takers’ first/last names, and more. You can also download score data in CSV, TXT, or PDF formats.

The Score Reporting Portal provides the best and most efficient way to access the score reports you need for application review, and scores that have been sent to your program will remain available for five years from the test taker’s exam date.

Access the GMAC Score Reporting Portal

Important Update

On July 1, 2024, the “GMAT™ Focus Edition” name will revert to the “GMAT™ Exam.”

When accessing GMAT score data after July 1, 2024, to prevent confusion, the label “GMAT Exam (Focus Edition)” will be used for the latest version of the exam and “GMAT Exam (10th Edition)” for the previous version of the exam that was available between 2012 and 2024.

Due to this change, you may need to update your system by July 1, 2024 to expect these revised string names/headings to avoid any disruption in receiving GMAT score data.

You will need to make an update to your system if you’re:

  • Retrieving scores via the score reporting API
  • Importing the CSV-format file into a system configured by column headings

You will not need to make any updates if you’re: 

  • Downloading TXT-format score data files
  • Importing the CSV-format into a system configured by file index

Note: No changes will be made to the data within the score files, only string names/headings.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the GMAT team at

Sample Score Reports

The Official Score Report you receive for the GMAT™ may include scores for both editions of the exam:

  • The GMAT™ Exam (Focus Edition) section will only include the scores that the candidate selected to be sent to your program.
  • The GMAT™ Exam (10th Edition) section will include any valid scores, sent to your program by the candidate, from the previous version of the exam taken in the past five years (not including canceled scores).

In the sample score report here or at School Resources, the candidate has opted to share the results from two GMAT™ Exam (Focus Edition) test appointments and their previous GMAT™ Exam (10th Edition) test appointment. 

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Access the GMAC Score Reporting Portal