Our Other Assessments

In addition to the GMAT® Exam, GMAC also owns the NMAT by GMAC™ exam. The acquisition of this additional exam strengthens our mission of supporting quality management education.

NMAT by GMAC™ exam enables schools to recruit top talent and measures the essential skills needed to succeed in their programs while giving candidates the confidence to perform their best.

Assuming ownership of the NMAT by GMAC exam provides GMAC with new opportunities to partake in efforts to improve the accessibility of admissions to graduate management programs by encouraging participation of a deeper and more diverse candidate pool in India.

The NMAT by GMAC exam is computer-delivered and gives each candidate a randomly generated test from a pool of questions, provided one-at-a-time. The NMAT™ exam has three sections – Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. All three sections of the NMAT exam are individually timed and test takers must answer questions and review answers to each section within the allotted time of 120 minutes.
Advantages of taking the NMAT exam are:
  • Long testing window: 75-day testing window allows candidates to choose convenient test dates.
  • Choosing the section order: A candidate can choose the order in which he/she would like to respond to each of the sections on the test.
  • No negative marking: Candidates can make an informed guess instead of skipping a question without the fear of a penalty for a wrong answer.
  • Taking the test multiple times: A candidate can take the NMAT three times in a given admissions cycle. This gives candidates the confidence of having more than a single opportunity to perform their very best.
  • Self-scheduling: Candidates can choose test appointment date, time, and location in real-time based on the availability of seats at each test center.
  • Register for the NMAT exam from your mobile: Candidates can register anytime and anywhere.
  • 27 testing locations: Candidates can choose from 27 conveniently located testing centers in 18 cities.
  • Sending scores to up to seven programs for free: Candidates can select the list of programs they want to send their scores to before OR after taking the exam. Up to seven programs are included in the registration fee.
  • Applying to business schools after reviewing results: Candidates may view their results and then decide to apply to business school or retake the test depending on their comfort with their results.
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