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Creating solutions for business schools and candidates to better discover, evaluate and connect with each other.

Welcome to the Graduate Management Admission Council

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is a global, mission-driven association of leading graduate business schools. Founded in 1953, we are committed to creating solutions for business schools and candidates to better discover, evaluate and connect with each other. In support of our vision, mission and purpose, GMAC provides world-class market intelligence, professional development opportunities, premier admissions assessments and engagement services for the graduate management education industry. GMAC owns and administers the Graduate Management Admission Test(GMAT) exam, used by more than 7,000 graduate programs worldwide. Other GMAC assessments include the NMAT by GMAC exam, and the Executive Assessment, specifically designed for executive programs around the world. GMAC is a global organization with offices in China, India, the UK, and the US. Learn more about GMAC

About our partner sites

Calling All Optimists

Calling All Optimists is a marketing program designed to support professionals making career advancement decisions in the world of business. Leveraging a dedicated microsite and a social media presence, Calling All Optimists offers tools, resources, and inspiration to help career seekers get informed, weigh options and explore their next career step. The program focuses on providing career exploration and planning solutions that include graduate management education information.

Calling All Optimists started as a pilot in 2017. After two years of learning and also success, it is now a full-time global program. Calling All Optimists will be partnering with, BusinessBecause, graduate business schools, and career organizations to provide continuous and relevant information to professionals worldwide. 


BusinessBecause publishes daily business school news, applicant advice and career inspiration for a global audience of future business leaders. Business school candidates and students are invited to join the online community to make connections before, during and after business school, access exclusive admissions and job resources, and to share their own stories and experiences pursuing an MBA or business master’s degree. now has more than 40,000 members worldwide and a monthly news readership of 100,000. For more information about BusinessBecause, visit

In 2018, BusinessBecause joined the Graduate Management Admission Council to form part of GMAC Connect, a suite of discovery and engagement solutions that enables business schools to reach the largest qualified, global candidate pool interested in pursuing an MBA or Business Master’s degree. 

The GMAC Connect suite of services draws on GMAC’s 65+ years of research and data to provide school professionals with targeted opportunities that are exclusively designed to connect with graduate management education talent. Learn more about GMAC Connect. 

The MBA Tour

Since 1993, The MBA Tour has been working to narrow the connectivity gap between candidates and business schools by providing dedicated forums that bring institutions and students together for personal engagement. We create an environment where our partner schools have a chance to connect with talent at a powerful, personal level and foster bonds with highly qualified candidates. The MBA Tour hosts more than 60 business education events each year across 6 continents and connects candidates with business schools from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

In 2019, The MBA Tour joined the Graduate Management Admission Council to strengthen GMAC’s purpose of providing resources that better enable schools and candidates to connect with each other. We’ve married GMAC’s unmatched graduate management education market intelligence, reach and candidate relationships with The MBA Tour’s proven model for creating face-to-face engagement opportunities for business schools with talented candidates who are ready to pursue a graduate business degree. This enables us to provide comprehensive recruiting solutions, reach underserved markets and create access to a new pool of prospective students while helping schools build stronger, more informed and meaningful connections. Learn more about The MBA Tour. is the Graduate Management Admission Council’s flagship portal for prospective graduate business students to engage with business and management education resources and information. It receives more than 7 million unique visitors and 300,000 new account creations each year. 

Prospective students can search for and connect with more than 7,000 graduate business school programs through the Program Finder tool, can connect directly with graduate business and management schools by signing up for the Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) or attending a GMAC Tour event, can register to attend recruiting and informational events posted by graduate business schools using the Events tool, and can learn about, prepare for, and register to take GMAC Assessments including the GMAT exam, the most widely used graduate business school assessment.