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Skills Development for Newly Hired Admissions, Marketing, and Recruiting Professionals

GMAC is committed to the professional development of anyone with a career in graduate management admissions, whether a seasoned veteran or just starting out. The GMAC Admissions Institute is an intensive, skills-based program focusing on the core knowledge needed to excel in graduate management admissions. Designed specially for those with six months to two years of experience, the Admissions Institute helps newly hired admissions, marketing, and recruitment professionals develop the skills necessary to succeed in their careers.

Conference Format

The AINP event occurs over a four-day period and includes a wide variety of sessions, networking opportunities, and speakers. Past session topics included:

  • Program marketing and communications
  • Admissions and the student lifecycle
  • GMAC recruiting and marketing tools
  • Understanding the ins and outs of CRM systems

Who Should Attend?

AINP is exclusively designed for newly hired admissions, recruitment, outreach and marketing professionals from business schools of all sizes and locations —large, small, public, private, global, regional. Professionals should have six to 18 months experience in your current role.  Even if you have many more years of work experience within a university or corporate setting, if you are new to b-school admissions, you will benefit from this program.

Conference Timing

The Admissions Institute is held in the United States annually in July. Learn more about these recent events that have taken place in Brussels, Belgium and Reston, VA, United States

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