Video transcript: Admissions Institute for New Professionals: The Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Career

Julianne Gray: Admissions Institute for New Professionals, or AINP, is a week-long training for people who are new to graduate management education.

Nyetta Meaux: I think it's important for new professionals to participate in AINP because, again, if you're coming from an area outside of working in MBA programs or management programs, then there will be a learning curve.

Julianne Gray: I would recommend AINP for new professionals because it is such a comprehensive training.

Raziq-Omar Jivani: Whenever we have a new member, we'll usually try and send them within that first year of them being on the committee so they have a bit of experience coming from a cycle. But then they really get the opportunity to dive into this conference and really get to meet new professionals. They get a chance to really hone their skills as well as learn more about the MBA admissions field.