Data Supports Integrated Reasoning Validity: Year One Update

Integrated Reasoning & Admissions

Integrated Reasoning (IR) was launched in June 2012, and since that date GMAC has gathered more market intelligence and conducted concurrent validity studies with schools. In this webcast you will gain insights and updates on IR learn how it relates to the admissions process. In addition, Tami Fassinger from Vanderbilt University shares her experiences using IR and how it will contribute to the school’s future admissions process. 


  • Find out why IR scores are not highly correlated to other sections of the GMAT exam and UGPA, which measures a unique set of information
  • Get updated on IR and the unofficial GMAT score report 
  • Learn how you can participate in your own validity study 
  • Discover how another peer school is using IR scores in admissions

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  • Tami Fassinger, Chief Recruiting Officer, Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management
  • Michelle Sparacino, Associate Director, GMAT Program